Electric Guitar Beginner Books vs. Electric Guitar Basics Videos

When you start learning how to play the electric guitar, you can choose to take formal lessons or you can also choose to be a self-taught guitarist. But if you choose the latter option, you should really take much time to carefully consider the method through which you will do your self-taught lessons on playing the electric guitar. This way, you will have better results for your efforts in a shorter span of time. The most common methods that self-taught guitarists learn the electric guitar is either through books or through video lessons. Here, we shall evaluate the pros and cons of these methods in order to help you choose which method will be more suitable for you.

Using Electric Guitar Books for Beginners

It is very easy to go to a bookstore or instrument shop and purchase an electric guitar learning book out of the hundreds of volumes they have. Normally, the most popular electric guitar lesson books are the ones that have several editions already, ever since its first publishing. This means that each new edition contains improvements and refinements in the lessons, thus making them more effective. A lot of highly useful guitar lesson books also come with CDs and DVDs that provide supplementary lessons, in order to turn the learning experience into a more interactive one.

Advantages of Using Electric Guitar Lesson Books

• A book will always be available for your usage. You will not require an internet connection or a TV and DVD player. All you will need is your guitar and your book and you can already begin your learning process.
• Guitar lesson books for beginners are written in a very structured flow of lessons, making it easy to follow.

Disadvantages of Using Electric Guitar Lesson Books

• It is much more difficult to learn music from books if you are a beginner. When learning music, it is a great disadvantage to not be able to hear what you should be playing beforehand. Although, books that come with supplemental CDs help somewhat with this aspect.
• All electric guitar lesson books usually come with pictures and illustrations, but you still won’t be able to see an actual instructor demonstrating how to actually play the chords or strum the electric guitar.
• Without an actual teacher, you will not be able to get personal feedback.

Using Video Electric Guitar Lessons

A lot of people nowadays choose to take online video courses or DVD lessons when they are learning how to play the electric guitar. Most consider this to be the next best thing to having private lessons with a live instructor. This is also a much cheaper option compared to private lessons.

Advantages of Video Electric Guitar Tutorials

• Since video is multimedia, you will be able to hear the music that you’re supposed to be playing and at the same time see how exactly it should look when played.
• With an instructor in the video, you will be able to hear verbal explanations on the lessons and you can see demonstrations. This in itself is hands down more exciting than just having to read it in a book.
• You can find many websites that offer electric guitar lessons of good quality where you can also get personal feedback.

Disadvantages of Video Electric Guitar Tutorials

• You will require a lot of technical equipment in order to begin your lessons (computer, internet, DVD player, speakers, etc), thus you won’t be able to take your lessons around as easily. You will also need to take time setting up this equipment.
• A lot of people take lessons online with just any free video tutorial, but a lot of these videos may also have unstructured methods of learning that can even harm your learning process.

As a whole, it is up to you on which kind of learning method you think is most suitable for you as you learn how to play the electric guitar. Know that the money you will spend in taking a good, structured course may just as well be worth is as supposed to a free course that will not produce good results anyway.